Hey there! I'm Guilherme Behling — a detail-oriented Product and Visual Designer, dedicated to crafting Websites, Apps, and Visual Identities that are simple, look good and work well.


Based in Brazil, working for anywhere.




Guilherme Behling, product designer

A little bit about me

Hey! I’m the guy on the left (or the guy above, if you’re viewing this on your phone)!

I’m a designer with a real passion for creating Visual Identities, Digital Interfaces, and Editorial Projects. I like to describe my work style as meticulous, with true attention to the smallest details and a love for minimalist aesthetics. I believe that the beauty of life lies in the simplicity of the little things.

When I’m not busy coloring pixels, pushing rectangles around, or testing different layout variations for the same button, you can find me playing FIFA or hitting the Padel courts.

I strongly believe that design is all about finding solutions that not only look amazing but also generate effective results for businesses.

So, if you share the same vision, I’d love to hear from you! Let’s work together to create something truly incredible!

© Guilherme Behling

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